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Cedar Stars W League offers the unique pathway for girls of the academy and outside to continue their soccer careers well past the youth stage and during and after the college years. The league acts as the top pre-professional development league in the country and facilitates those growing years of transitioning from amateur to professional status. 

To this end, and with regards Cedar Stars Academy we are continuously evolving to create an atmosphere or a culture rather of a tight family all pushing in one direction for the women to succeed. In all, we (Cedar Stars W League) need the fans to make a statement and show that family spirit and help harness and create this culture we hope to develop and nurture in the women's side of the game. 

We encourage everyone, especially the female players of the club and their families and friends to come out to every home game to create the environment we want to see for our own daughters and friends when and if they progress enough to reach the level of pre-professional or full professional. We should take care of our own and come and represent for the Green Army!

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